Gepostet: 02.03.2021

Dataphone USA Ltd.

Dataphone knows the secret for a successful intelligent logistics solution:


With the innovative warehouse management software LOGIS MOVE, we are able to successfully implement a sustainable and future-proof software in only 3 months from order to commissioning.

The right warehouse management solution for every industry

Thanks to decades of cooperation with companies in various industries, the warehouse management software has been further developed to create industry-specific solutions and additional WMS modules.

Transform your warehouse management

With the latest release version of LOGIS MOVE, you get a flexible, fully release-enabled and cloud-capable LOGIS version.

With LOGIS MOVE you cover technically as well as functionally the current requirements of your logistics, among others with an:

- Autostore interface,
- smart client connection,
- groundbreaking KPI tool,
- and much more.

With LOGIS MOVE your logistics will move faster and more efficiently.

For more information on our new generation sustainable and future-proof warehouse management software, click here: or here
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