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The glove with integrated scanner

ProGloves are intelligent gloves that enable employees to work faster, safer, and more ergonomically and increase efficiency in the manufacturing & logistics industry.

Each working step can be documented hands-free & direct feedback can be given straight from t...

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Finally there is a complete system consisting of: case, smart glass, server, software, workshop and training.

The case brings you immediately measurable competitive advantages, because it can be used directly and without IT - and implementation - projects. Plug it in and let's go.

The case brin...

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Whether analyzing and optimizing the inventory process, selecting the right hardware or actually carrying out a successful inventory - with Trakker we provide you with targeted and competent support.

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Our Logis warehouse software is successfully used in various automation projects. We offer the possibility to digitalize your supply chain step by step depending on the situation.

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Software and Hardware developer

Dataphone develops innovative, mobile and reliable soft- and hardware solutions for warehouse management, transport & shipping and retail. Dataphone solutions increase efficiency across the entire supply chain of its customers worldwide.

Thanks to our internationally-driven networking within the fields of logistics, we understand our customers, their challenges and market. Our strengths besides the logistics software are:

  • System integration (various ERP systems, WMS, etc.)
  • Complete solutions for supply chain management
  • Process optimization for business cases, such as retail, warehousing, production, transportation
  • Automation and robotics control
  • Relevant branch & logistics knowhow



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