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Paperless picking is the future! Why?

Paperless picking offers you many advantages. Picking times are clearly reduced, the error rate when picking articles is decreased and the processes in the warehouse are optimized.

As a result, the costs per picking are also drastically reduced.

We are the...

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Transform your intralogistics with Dataphone!

The success story of the warehouse management system LOGIS MOVE continues!

From kick-off to go-live in only 4 months

The state-of-the-art warehouse management system LOGIS MOVE was successfully implemented within only 4 months at Ritter Products AG...

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Stefano Desiderio, Head of Sales Hardware at Dataphone AG recommends:

"If you want to improve productivity and task accuracy in your intralogistics, then you need the HD4000 Enterprise Head-Mounted Display from Zebra.

Put the information your workers need right into their real-time field of vie...

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Dataphone knows the secret for a successful intelligent logistics solution:


With the innovative warehouse management software LOGIS MOVE, we are able to successfully implement a sustainable and future-proof software in only 3 months from order to commissioning.

The right warehouse m...

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Dataphone is one of the largest and most important warehouse management software providers.

We have offices in Germany, Austria, Mexico, Canada, USA, Slovakia and Russia.

With our products, self-employed people, SMEs and large companies have the most efficient way to centrally control manual an...

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Have you ever wondered where your employees should charge or store their barcode scanners?

With the charging station from Dataphone you get a standardized rack with enough space for all barcode scanners.

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Are you looking for a sustainable and resilient warehouse management system of the latest generation?

Then do it like Bio Partner Schweiz AG! The company continues to use the warehouse management system from Dataphone!

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Software and Hardware developer

Dataphone develops innovative, mobile and reliable warehouse management software and hardware solutions for warehouse management, transport & shipping and retail. Dataphone solutions increase efficiency across the entire supply chain of its customers worldwide.

Thanks to our internationally-driven networking within the fields of logistics, we understand our customers, their challenges and market. Our strengths besides the logistics software are:

  • System integration (various ERP systems, WMS, etc.)
  • Complete solutions for supply chain management
  • Process optimization for business cases, such as retail, warehousing, production, transportation
  • Automation and robotics control
  • Relevant branch & logistics knowhow



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